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Academic Calendars

2021-2022 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20210722)

2020-2021 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20210331)

2019-2020 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20190521)

2018-2019 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20180327)

2017-2018 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20180324)

2016-2017 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20161101)

2015-2016 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20150731)

2014-2015 NTHU Academic Calendar (updated_20150115)


►NTHU Academic Calendar has been setup in GOOGLE calendar, please follow the instructions below:

1. If you do not have GOOGLE calendar, you can look up NTHU Academic Calendar through hyperlink:


2. If you already have GOOGLE calendar, you can add NTHU Academic Calendar by clicking “Other calendars” on the left side à input nthu.acad@gmail.com

3. If you would like to import NTHU Academic Calendar into your Outlook calendar, please download the file with the link .