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Center for Admissions and Strategies


 Bachelor Programs: Multiple Admission Program (The Stars Program, Personal Application, College Entrance Examination and Placement), Early Admission without GSAT (The Gleaner’s Project), Sunrise Program (for disadvantaged students) , Transfer Examination, and Other independent programs.

 Master’s Programs: Master's Program by Recommendation and Application, Master's General Entrance Examination, In-Service Master’s Programs of Disciplines, and United Program for University System of Taiwan.

 Doctorate Programs: Doctorate's Program by Recommendation and Application, Doctorate's General Entrance Examination, and Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP).

 Other Programs (Co-organized with Office of Global Affairs): Application Guidelines for Overseas Chinese Students, Application Guidelines for Students from China , and Application Guidelines for International Students.

 Admission strategies and research for Undergraduate.

 Other general admission affairs: admission regulations, admission conferences, and admission promotional activities.

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