Center for Cognition and Mind Sciences


 The Center designs and runs the Speech Therapy Program of NTHU.
 The Center designs and runs the program to train specialists in screening and training for cognitive functions.
 The Center co-designs and co-hosts professional courses for art and psychotherapy with Taiwan Art Therapy Association.
 The Center cultivates and trains professionals and volunteers specializing in care of patients with dementia, stroke and trauma for our collaborative hospitals to manage community sites or provide continuous education for care-givers and medical personnel.
 The Center co-hosts or supports events for public health education, community service, and health promotion organized by health bureaus
 The Center organizes and runs seminars, workshops and professional courses in cooperation with counseling centers.
 The Center recruits and trains elite students with biomedical engineering research skills, and provide them with opportunities for scholarly exchange in top-ranking medical institutions. Students are expected to bring back cutting-edge biomedical research and techniques.
 The Center admits students from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South-Eastern Asia countries for short-term visit and training for cognitive neuroscience and biomedical engineering. We encourage students to form research circles and help each other to better themselves for future international participation.