Center for Teaching and Learning Development


 Division of Faculty Development and Teaching Assistants Training: Our mission is to help both NTHU faculty and TAs improve their teaching skills in order to enhance the quality of education. In addition to holding orientations for incoming faculty, we also periodically conduct TA training seminars throughout the year. Other activities we organize include incoming faculty mentorship program, outstanding TA award selection, instructor workshops, TA workshops, and teaching consultation arrangements.
 Division of Learning Support and Research Planning: Our mission is to help NTHU students learn more effectively and to create a collegial atmosphere of group learning on campus. We provide academic counseling through programs such as “Learning and Career Speech Series,” “Study Group Project,” and “Individual Teaching Consultation.” In addition, we strive to take the quality of teaching at NTHU to a higher level by encouraging faculty members to participate in activities such as “Curriculum and Teaching Innovation Mini-Project,”  “Curriculum and Teaching Research Program,” and “Additional Basic Course Program.”
 We create online courses, including Open Course Ware (OCW), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We provide ample resources and strive to make high-quality education accessible to learners around the world, where they can select their own learning objectives and study during the time of day when they are most convenient.